A Successful Nesting Season!

A Successful Nesting Season!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday morning post with Friends!

I was so excited to have some MWE friends join me and Caden this morning as we checked the Purple Martins! Jayden, Miles, and Mac were able to come and have a first hand close up experience with our precious birds! We are getting close to having more babies leave the nests! It is so exciting to know that WE, Meadow Wood Elem. have helped these birds have a successful nesting season!!! I cannot wait to see what happens next year! Here is today's update! Pod #1- The babies have left the nest! Pod #2- The babies are growing and getting more and more feathers! Jayden and Mac had a chance to hold one and see the barbs and emerging flight feathers! Pod #3-The sparrows built a HUGE nest, but NO EGG! :) Pod #4-A few bits of straw, but NO nest! Pod #5- These babies had lots of flight feathers and are ready to take off any day! Mrs. Campbell said she spotted the mom feeding them on the front porch! Pod #6- These are our youngest birds. They are beginning to get the barbs and feathers seem to be not far behind. We got an up-close look... Pod #7 and #8 we observed carefully. They also will be taking off any day now! Check out their full coat of flight feathers!!! Now, we did find 2 sparrow eggs in the white house, but we also found more nesting material in #17. How late in the season will martins lay eggs? Does anybody know? If you do, comment or send me an email at elise.cooper@springbranchisd.com Take a look at the growing nest: As i said in yesterday's post, I will be checking the nests on Friday at 10 and Ms. Maddox will be joining me! Hope you can come too!

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