A Successful Nesting Season!

A Successful Nesting Season!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Pictures/Update from Wed. Nest Check

Thanks again to Mrs. Gunsolley for the WONDERFUL pictures! I keep forgetting my camera!!! We had some wonderful visitors with us today! See below for the MWE friends who joined me! Here is the most recent update: Pod #1-Empty still Pod #2-The 3 babies have full feathers and are bound to leave the nest any day now! Pod #3- NOTHING Pod #4- A little bit of a sparrow nest was in here along with a.... ...a broken egg!!! Pod #5- EMPTY Pod #6-These are the youngest of the babies and they are just starting to get their flight wings! More friends had a chance to see a baby up close!! Pod #7 and #8-EMPTY So to sum it up....it looks like in a week or so, we will be empty nesters! We will be going up to check our youngest babies this weekend. I am thinking tomorrow, Saturday. I will update with a time!

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  1. What a great success. I can't wait for next year as all those babies should come back. So glad the kids are coming up to see. I wish those martins could change their schedules so the kids were still in school as the fledglings started to fly,