A Successful Nesting Season!

A Successful Nesting Season!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MORE martins!!!!

Well, Ms. Maddox, her mom, Lily, and I went to see our beloved birds today! When we first got there, this is what we saw... Not only were there martins all over the white house, but there were A LOT more Purple Martins than we are used to seeing! As we got closer and looked a t pod #1, look what was sitting outside... If you guessed the fledglings, you were right! There were three sitting outside their home! We were so excited! Here are the pods as we checked one by one... First...my little helper.. Pod #1 Knowing these are the oldest and they may fly out, we carefully opened and here is the view... Pod #2 These babies are growing and you can see little feathers growing... Pod #3 and #4 BARELY a sparrow nest in both pods! Pod #5 Look at all 5 of these sweet babies...lined up in a row! Pod #6 Remember this was our last nest to be built and it has had 4 eggs and LOTS of green leaves. When we opened it this morning, this was our view... Pod #7 These babies are the 2nd oldest to Pod #1, so as you will see, they have LOTS of feathers! Pod #8 Our last pod has babies with emerging feathers as well! We are so proud of the success we are seeing! Our 2 guests loved learning about the Purple Martins and seeing how they have grown! And..as the houses went back up, the birds came flying in. We counted at least 21 if not more!!!! My plan now is to go up either Friday at 4 or Sunday....so I will most when I decide!

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