A Successful Nesting Season!

A Successful Nesting Season!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 10, 2012

I am sorry that I did not post that I was going up today, but I have had a sick child and it was last minute. My plan is to go up on Wednesday around 10:00 IF my son is better. I will confirm on the blog on Wednesday morning! Observing the Purple Martins today was wonderful! We have some fledglings that are just days away from leaving the nest! Here is our update...hopefully I get the pods right. :) Pod #1...This has been our first nest with babies. The fledglings have full feathers and there is no nest material left. If you time it right, you may even be able to see these 4 babies peeking out from the pod! Pod #2...There were 6 eggs in this nest and so far only 3 have hatched. We are not sure when or if the others will hatch, but we are watching! Pod #3...STILL NO NEST...so long sparrows! Pod #4...As you will see, there was a HUGE nest! It did have 2 sparrow eggs, but this is to be expected. They are not going to give up without a fight! Pod #5...The 5 babies are getting feathers and growing quickly! They were all huddled up, but allowed us to touch them! So sweet! Pod #6...This was the last pod that we put up because we had to get a new lid. The Purple Martins quickly built a nest and there are 4 pearly white eggs on top of a bed of green leaves. They are just waiting to hatch! Pod #7...There are 4 precious babies in this nest. All of them are getting feathers and have their eyes wide open! Pod #8....Our last pod has....beautiful babies! You may not be able to see them all, but there are 4, I believe, babies in the pod! We did share this experience with my nieces and it was wonderful. As you can see below they loved being able to see a baby martin up close! And last but not least...after cleaning the nests and checking on our babies, we got to see this....

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