A Successful Nesting Season!

A Successful Nesting Season!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Monday,May 21, 2012

This weekend we made sure to put some Diatomaceous earth in all of the nests. This ALL NATURAL product, that Wild Birds Unlimited donated to us, safely kills the mites and bugs but is harmless to our martins and babies! All data is not in, but here are the updates I have! Pod 1 The purple martin babies are sleeping. The nest looks complete. The baby birds are growing their feathers. They look like they are turning a grayish-purple.
Pod 2-Same 5 eggs! Notice the green leaf which is something Purple Martins do before laying eggs!
Pod 3 House 3 is still a sparrow’s nest. Today, there was an egg in there. Pod #4-Large sparrow nest but NO eggs.
Pod #5 6 eggs! You can see the stuff we sprinkled, it's at the bottom of the picture, to protect against bugs!
Pod #6 Pod #7-No change. Still a purple martin nest with 4 eggs.
Pod 8

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