A Successful Nesting Season!

A Successful Nesting Season!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2, 2012

What a WONDERFUL day to observe our martins! We have 7 pods and our martins are competing with the sparrows for new homes! Based on our second graders observations: Pod #1-This pod has a nest of sticks and leaves. It also has 4 white eggs! YEAH! Pod #2- This pod has a VERY large nest made of mud and sticks. It is quite different than the nest in pod #1, but we know it is a martin nest! We are just waiting for eggs. Pod #3 and #4-These pods seem to be loved by the sparrows. We keep taking sparrow nests out! They can build their nests FAST! Pod #5- Today we noticed a nest in the making! We even saw a female martin carrying the same nesting material as she was gliding above us! Pod #6-Missing Pod #7- Not much Pod # 8- We have a few sticks! We will post more pictures that we are taking with our class I-touches! We hope you enjoy our newest Second Grade Project!

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  1. Great news!! I wonder why the others are so much farther behind in building their nests? Has anyone built in the big house yet? Have you named any of the birds yet?
    Good work,
    Mrs. Campbell