A Successful Nesting Season!

A Successful Nesting Season!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday June 6 Nest Check

My friend Fahad and I went to check on the purple martins today! The first 2 photos are nests that were not full swallow nests. Could they be the starts of new martin nests? The third picture are the eggs and the final picture is of the mom and dad of the eggs! The female martin is sitting in front of her pod #5 and the male purple martin is perched on the starburst. We did not see any other martins during our visit! Let me know what you think about the other nests! We will check the eggs in the morning to see if any have hatched.

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  1. Hi, Mrs. Cooper! I teach 2nd grade at Meadow Wood and my class enjoyed visiting our Purple Martins on this site. Won't it be neat to have a webcam for observing up close?