A Successful Nesting Season!

A Successful Nesting Season!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

UPDATE and Next Nest Check

A little late with this post....BUT last week I was joined by Addison, Melanie, Ms. Maddox, Lily, Avery, Tommy, Caden, and the Barnes Family! What a wonderful group we had to see the progress our precious babies are making! We only checked the big white house this day because of misplaced keys, but I am have bolt cutters and plan to check the green pods on our next visit! I hope you can join me when I go on Tuesday at 10:30 am! We had some new eggs this check, so we should have some new babies! Everyone enjoyed the chance to hold a bird and examine them up close!
Here is a cluster of new eggs from a nest. Look at them closely. Do you see a difference in the color of the one in the middle compared to the others? What do you think this might mean?
I'll end with a picture of my FAVORITE discovery! Many of our babies are now full young adult purple martins! They are flying and so friendly! Not only have we been able to see them fly, but they also will sit on my hand and look around. Amazing and such a fun thing for all to see!

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